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Live the experience with Paco

To suggest that Paco has thus far led an interesting and colorful life is an understatement. After a 37-year Real Estate Career as a CEO, at age 64 he changed direction completely, to pursue a lifelong dream of singing, acting and entertaining. In sharing his dreams with others, his goal is to simply help them find more joy, peace and meaning in their own lives through music and the visual arts. Paco has trained and studied professionally to refine his voice, dance, acting and modeling talents. He has appeared in TV, films and music videos in addition to commercial ads and in voice-overs.


To date, Paco has recorded well over 250 songs and released 10 full-length Albums including his newest 20-song CD “Paco’s Oldies Vol 4”, which focuses primarily on 1950s, 60s and 70s Oldies, including 5 Oldies/Big Band Swing-Style originals. One of those originals "Wakin' Up The Stars", was also just made into a music video featuring a classic 59' Chevy Corvette convertible and in a 50s diner/carhop, as shot in L.A by SmashCut Films. While his songs are easily available on Facebook (Paco Music), YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora etc., the best way to listen, watch and read everything Paco is through this website! For a trip down memory lane check out the music video for "Sea Of Love", filmed at Reiff's Old Time Garage Museum near Sacramento CA and on the infamous Zuma Beach in Malibu.

Paco is affiliated with Bristol Recording Studios in Boston where he produces his music and he is signed with Strega Entertainment of Boston, Nashville, Las Vegas and LA who manage his entertainment endeavors. Paco’s music is also released to radio through AirPlayDirect out of Nashville, where it plays on conventional and internet radio stations throughout America and literally around the world.


In addition to performing “solo” and/or Cabaret-style with just piano, Paco has his own 7-8 member professional band (Paco’s Band) comprised of young instrumental & vocal phenoms, primarily trained at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. While they have a repertoire including Holiday songs, faith-based music, Broadway and pop/rock, the band’s primary focus is on 50s, 60s & 70s Oldies. They have performed across the Country at venues such as Holiday Concerts in Disney’s Town of Celebration Florida and “Oldies” at Boston’s First Night major Copley stage on New Year’s Eve (see performance sizzle reels on his Facebook page). 

Paco’s modeling and acting adventures have taken him to appear in a variety of TV and films, commercials and in voice-overs. Most recently he starred as the Moderator in a remake of that classic longest running 1950’s/60’s TV Game Show “What’s My Line”, reprising the role of the lovable John Charles Daly whose antics and verbal “circumlocutions” rendered him a TV icon. Commercially speaking, he also just shot a pre-2023 Super Bowl Ad for the NFL & Pepsi, pushing voting for the NFL’s Rookie’s Of The Year candidates, as filmed by ShadowLion Productions out of Boston. One of Paco’s absolutely funnest Commercial experiences to date.

Based on all of the above, Paco encourages all of us to maintain a full and active life, no matter what your age…but especially to set your sights high, to challenge yourself both physically and mentally and not just to “sit on your butt” in your older, senior years. He commented that “if someone had told me ten years ago when I left my CEO role in Real Estate to “retire”, that ten years later I would have my own 7/8-member Band; that I would have released 10 CD Albums with songs that play literally around the world; that I would be singing live on a major stage to thousands of happy folks dancing and shouting my name; that I would be shooting TV, films and major Commercials…I would have called them “mis-guided”! I am so very fortunate and blessed with a wife of fifty-plus years, five terrific children and five sensational grandkids. What’s not to like?


'My goal is simply to help others find a bit more joy and peace in their lives through the incredible medium of music.' - Paco

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