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A Note From Paco:


The Theme of the Album “For Always” is songs about Love – yes love, in all of its many challenging forms. From the haunting lyrics and melodies created by Andrew Lloyd Webber with songs such as “Music of the Night” from Phantom, to uplifting duets and then to old standards like Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways”, I share many of the songs that dwell not just in my heart but deep in my soul as well. I am indebted to two highly gifted singers, Michelle Hylan and Lauren O’Keefe for sharing their vocal talent to four incredible duets. The lead song in fact, which is also the name for this Album “For Always”, is a terrific duet from the movie “A.I” (for Artificial Intelligence) as originally sung for the movie score by Josh Groban and Lara Fabian. The song sets the mode for the entire album as it speaks to the incredible power of love, which can span the galaxies and which literally lasts “For Always”.

Love, Paco

1. For Always
2. She
3. Make Me Feel Your Love
4. You're Still You
5. You Raise Me Up
6. Till
7. Release Me
8. After The Lovin'
9. Time Of My Life
10. Everybody Loves Somebody
11. I Stand Alone
12. Time To Say Goodbye
13. Am I That Easy To Forget
14. True Love Ways
15. Music Of The Night
16. Love Changes Everything
17. I Only Want To Say
18. I Believe
19. The Prayer
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