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A Note From Paco:

Many folks have urged me over the past few years to record an album of my original songs. The 12 songs in “Captivated” were only made possible through my collaborative efforts with nine very special people in my world of music. From Chris Billias, a truly superb engineer, producer and pianist; to Robert Knapp, my cousin Philip Marston, Ric Poulin, Robert Weingartz, T-Max, Louise van Aarsen and Gary Pihl who all graciously allowed me to use their combined original song lyrics and/or melodies in recording my own original versions. Also, to my ultra-talented duet partner Lauren O’keefe and once again to my dear cousin Phil Marston, good friend Gary Pihl, and wonderful producer Chris Billias who respectively contributed live background percussion, guitar and keyboard instrumentals. You collectively enrich and encourage me and offer me your combined incredible talents and love. I am forever in your debt.


Love, Paco

1. Captivated
2. Welcome To My Life
3. You Are My Life
4. Forever
5. Fly
6. Dream Of Love
7. Ty
8. With All Of My Heart
9. Follow Me
10. Comfort Zone
11. Come On Baby
12. Comin' Home
13. The Impossible Dream
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