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A Most Favorite Singing Gig at Christmas Time

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. Sure it can be stressful with so much to do, but if you allow yourself to wallow blissfully in childhood memories of Christmas’s past, of current family and friends and for those who are faith-based, in the miracle of Christ’s birth, it is simply a time of joy, of sharing and of love.

I therefore love Christmas gigs and the opportunity to once again sing all of the old great holiday songs. From Toys-For-Tots gift drives, to full-fledged parties, to caroling in the snow, to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church, it is all very, very fun and spiritually rewarding. However, there is one gig that is my absolute favorite and I would do it for hours on end if given the chance. In Boston’s central shopping district the city fathers created “Downtown Crossing” where former streets were converted to pedestrian ways instead. Now devoid of vehicles, at Christmas time pedestrians throng the area around Macy’s Department Store and other retail outlets. It is there, standing right in the middle of unbridled holiday euphoria, that I find myself on-stage & on-sidewalk with a cordless mic in hand letting it all hang out vocally and emotionally. I wish I could adequately describe the incredible internal joy it generates, but about the time the first young child gazes up into my eyes with love, as I sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town, I know that I am blessed to be able to sing and to simply share the positive side of life. There is nothing like making others happy, especially kids! Thanks Downtown Crossing…I am in your debt once again.

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