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Paco? Where in the heck did that name come from????

I am frequently asked where the name “Paco” came from and it’s really quite simple. I was stationed in Rota, Spain for several years while in the US Navy and the short form of Frank in Spanish is “Paco”. I loved my time in Spain, the Spanish people, customs and culture (hey…bullfights can actually be quite poignant). Assigned to the Shore Patrol investigative unit of Base Security, when not working behind a desk I worked often with my elite Spanish Guardia counterpart also named Paco…he of the tri-pointed black hat and ever-present submachine gun (i.e., they called us Los Dos Paco’s). While not quite of “Starsky & Hutch” or “Batman and Robin” caliber or excitement, the two Pacos’ did encounter many “interesting” events while working the night shifts at that large naval base, especially when the Fleet sailors came in after literally months at sea. Can you say “let’s tear this town apart”? At any rate, my wife started calling me Paco while in Spain and later on so did my three children and extended family. Hence my favorite name of “Paco” is now my sole stage name, and I absolutely love it! Thanks Spain!

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