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What’s It Like To Record a Song With a 4-Year Old

My daughter Bonnie lives in Redondo Beach (LA) California with her husband Michael and our grand-daughter Molly. Like many young girls, Molly can be a precocious energizer bunny and then instantly turn into a shy, quiet reflective little soul. minute letting it all hang out yelling, singing, dancing and running around and then the next minute, if it suits her temperament, standing perfectly still with her fist over her mouth and staring down at her feet, un-communicative. But like all kids she loves Disneyland and her favorite ride is “It’s A Small World”, especially the song.

Thus, several years ago when they came in July to visit us, I suggested that she come in to Bristol Studios in Boston with me and record that very song...she being four at the time. In to the studio she came with her mom and dad, along with grammy and papa (me). She was great until we put the earphones over her head and shy she turned. I didn’t think she would ever actually sing, but we kept playing the background track and all of us adults started singing...and sure enough she eventually joined in. Hey...the song will never, ever be published but that was one incredible memory for her grand-dad. A real life...”wow, am I ever glad we pushed her to try that experience”.

Grandchildren are simply priceless. They are worth the price of life’s admission alone. Let it all hang out with them and you will never regret it!

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