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How Does Someone Find a Wife? that’s a question...and I’m really not sure...I only know how I found mine…and believe it or not, it was on the flip of a coin! The story goes like this: as a senior at the University of Maine I was at school several weeks early my senior year in pre-season soccer training as a goalie. The first night that school formally opened I moved back to my fraternity and one of my fraternity brothers mentioned that his girlfriend from back home was just entering college as a freshman and had two other freshman girlfriends with her as well. He asked two of us if we wished to triple date those two freshmen girls, with one being “great looking” and one having “a simply great personality”? “Sure” we immediately replied...but we both wanted the good looking one. Normally I would have asked for the girl with the great personality but I was a senior, pumped up from pre-season soccer training and ready to rock and roll. We finally decided the only way to resolve the issue was to flip a coin for the “looker”. I fortunately won that coin flip and the rest is history. After almost 45 years of marriage, three children, five grand-children, and discovering my very best friend for life...that coin flip was obviously the luckiest singular event in my entire existence!

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